All prices are now in USD, NOT CAD. Made and shipped from Canada.

The cost of shipping is not included in prices; see shipping info here.

Badges not ordered for pickup at conventions DO NOT come with clips or lanyards.

In addition to the original copy/printing of a badge, all badges come with either a reproduction of the original art, or a second printing of a digital badge, both laminated (except sketch and “meep” badges). Availability at conventions varies.

All badges that don’t have a “backside” price listed can be printed double-sided for $5.

Badge styles not listed here are considered retired and available for $75. This includes: Scott Pilgrim badges, Viking badges, super logo badges, paper airplane badges, trading card badges, Elizabethan portrait badges and graduation badges, cabaret poster badges, tasselsona badges, etc.

Sketch Badge
Comes in a badge holder, instead of being laminated. Available in Traditional only.


+$5 for backside

Species Tags
Available in Digital only. Either based on an existing template or designed custom and then reused as a new species template.

CHECK MY STORENVY BEFORE ORDERING! Your species may already be made and available for purchase. Customs will be based on an existing premade closest to your species already available in my store, if possible. If not, a new premade of that species will be made, then made into your character.

Common species are any included in the latest wikifur list or towards the top end of the Fur Science list minus any hybrid or other taxonomic group above genus (ie no generalized reptile, bird, fish, must be a specific species/breed). Anything else will be considered uncommon (including anything generalized above genus like reptile, bird, fish). I’ll be the final judge on whether the species is common or uncommon.

No revisions on poses included in base price, only revisions on colours and clothing/accessories. Revisions to base poses and inclusion of any props will be +$10.

Existing SpeciesNew Common SpeciesNew Uncommon SpeciesHybrid Species/Custom Character

“Meep” Badge
Text bubble is customizable. Available in Digital and Traditional.


+$12 for backside

Craft Paper Badge
Single colour badges with black and white highlights. Available in Traditional only.


“Cut-Out” Style Badge
Available in Digital and Traditional.


+ $35 / $45 / $55 for backside

Toony or Chibi Badge
Available in any simple cartoon or chibi anime style. Available in Digital and Traditional.


+$30 for backside

Rectangle Badge
Available in Digital and Traditional.


+$15 for highly detailed background

Cartoon Violence Badge
Originally made for Condition: Wasteland. A sort of toony post-apocalyptic video game badge. Available in Digital only.


+$40 for backside

Propaganda Badge
“Historical-styled” badges made to like old communist propaganda posters. Available in Digital only.


Art Deco Badge
“Historical-styled” badges made to like art deco posters. Available in Digital only.


Art Nouveau Badge
“Historical-styled” badges in an art nouveau style. Available in Digital only.


Animal Crossing Badge
In the style of the Animal Crossing video game series. Choice of background. Available in Digital only.