All prices are now in USD, NOT CAD. Made and shipped from Canada.

The cost of shipping is not included in prices; see shipping info here.

Sticker Squad

Digital only. Includes one character, 10 stickers of your design, a membership badge of your design, a sticker squad logo sticker + international shipping.

In order to get this discounted price and be included in the sticker squad as a numbered design, your design will be given out to all of my patreon members of the appropriate tiers (a great way to promote your website or @ handle to my patrons!). I will not be selling your sticker designs otherwise, you will be entirely in control of edition size outside of those given to my patrons. Please contact me directly for private sticker commissions, as they will be a different price and not included in the numbered sticker squad.

Stickers are weather-resistant vinyl with a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life. Designs are made to be easily adapted into enamel pin designs in the future (keep an eye out for that).

Stickers will be completed on a first-come-first-served basis and slots attached to a month in my Patreon for their guaranteed delivery date. For example, if you commission in August, and September-November slots have already been commissioned ahead of you, your guaranteed delivery date will be December. You’ll likely receive things sooner than that, but just keep that in mind if you’re ordering for a specific date. Rush (same month) orders are available for 2x the normal price.