All prices are now in USD, NOT CAD. Made and shipped from Canada.

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Feature Style Storyboards

A sequence of events or beats of a story. Beat boards are individual scenes similar to illustrations, while storyboards show individual actions within a scene. Available in Digital and Traditional. Lower rates if more are ordered. Contact for more information.

$30 per beat board, grayscale (minimum of 4 boards)
$15 per storyboard, grayscale (minimum of 8 boards)
$55+ for a leica of your boards (depends on length, contact for more details)

+Additional costs depending on complexity

Comic Page

Available in Digital only. Lower rates if more than one is ordered. Contact for more information.

1 Page2-5 Pages6-10 Pages11+ Pages
$175 each$160 each$145 each$100 each

+Additional costs depending on complexity

Faux Animation Cel

A faux animation cel, containing a paper sketch, an inked and painted cel and a gouache background done in my animation style or any animation style of your choice. Available in Traditional only.


+Additional costs depending on complexity of style and background


See my YouTube for more examples. Available in Digital only.

Starting at $200 Price varies depending on subject and complexity. Character designs may be simplified.